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What is Integrated Medicine?

A Revolutionary Approach to Healing People — Not Just Treating Diseases
Dec 27 2015

What is Integrated Medicine?

Integrated Medicine is designed to transform the health of any individual by restoring the body to it’s optimum health. At Chattanooga Integrated Medicine Center, your physician takes your body’s current health challenges and custom designs a plan that will transform your body into a healthier state. We believe in an approach that has multiple specialties working together toward the common goal of improved health. Once you achieve better health, we continue to work with you to maintain your health through wellness plans, diet, and exercise plans. This combination of a natural approach and Eastern/Alternative Medicine with Traditional Western Medicine is the future of our medical system.

The Health Triangle

Working to Achieve Balance

This powerful and specialized system attempts to look at the whole body to get to the root of your body’s problems. Based on these findings, our physician will create an integrated treatment plan. Throughout the care plan, goals will be implemented to help you take steps to change your lifestyle to one of wellness!

There are three sides to the Health Triangle.

integrated medicine

Chattanooga Integrated Medicine Center


The base of the Heath Triangle is structure. Your nervous system is protected by your spine. Proper alignment is key to ensuring the nervous system is able to send signals to the entire body.



The chemical side of the Health Triangle addressees a lack of key nutrients such as B-vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. The chemical side of natural care also addresses visceral imbalances



The mental side of the triangle addresses stress that puts a physical strain on the body.

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