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Eight Weeks to Wellness Program

Nervous System and Spine Misalignment

Eight Weeks to Wellness Program

The best and most effective way to change your health is often a change of lifestyle. With our Eight Weeks to Wellness Program, the doctors and staff at Chattanooga Integrated Medicine Center work with you to help you improve your health through treatment, exercise, nutrition and diet.

In just eight weeks, you can feel and see a difference!

You will come back once per week to weigh in, have a consultation, and get another ionic foot bath.  It is that easy!

After your nutritional analysis, you will speak to our knowledgeable staff about the Eight Weeks to Wellness Program. Instead of telling patients to “diet,” we work with you to help change your eating lifestyle. With the aid of our staff and a Foundational Food Guide, you will learn what foods are best to eat on a regular basis. Often, dietary changes help the body detoxify and help with nutritional balance. Many patients feel better and more energized after a week on the Food Guide.

8 weeks to renewing you!

  • Lasting Weight-Loss
  • Health Restoration
  • Detoxification
  • Energy Renewal


What is included in the 8 Week Package?

  1. Consultation
  2. Blood test
  3. Blood test analysis
  4. Ionic detoxing foot bath on each visit
  5. Foundational Food Guide with an 8-week journal
  6. Foundational Four supplementation
  7. Weekly appointments for weigh-in and support for food guide and FAQ

The plan is simple.  You come for your first visit for a consultation with Dr. Hall.  He will request your blood work to identify nutritional deficiencies toxicities that are prohibiting weight-loss.  You will learn about the program, receive your first ionic foot detox, and weigh in.  You will go home with a Foundational Food Guide with an 8-week journal, Foundation Four supplementation, and encouragement and knowledge that you can lose weight and renew your health!

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