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Causes of Knee Pain

Knee Pain is Often a Result of Three Probable Causes
Dec 27 2015

Causes of Knee Pain

The knee is the most commonly injured joint in the body. The knee joint sits between the two largest bones in the body making it subjected to great stress and high demands.

There are basically three types of injuries that generate knee pain and discomfort in the leg and knee.

1- The first is: Acute Direct Trauma; such as an athlete receiving a direct blow to the knee from another athlete. This can result in partial or complete ligament and meniscus disruption. Our clinic deals with partial tears.

2- The second is: Acute Non-Contact Trauma; patients describe this as the “knee simply giving out” for no apparent reason. This is usually the result of weak muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee. These type of patients often have a history of steroid injections. The cold laser works wonders on healing this type of knee injury. Supplementation may also be warranted to strengthen the ligaments.

3 -The third is: Insidious Knee Pain; this develops from constant stress placed on the knee joint. This is usually due to bony misalignment and nutritional deficiences. This type of knee injury leads to osteoarthritis of the knee. Many athletes fall in this category. There is significant evidence that many knee surgeries, such as meniscectomies, done in the past were not only unnecessary but also undesirable. Articular cartilage pressure increases greatly when the meniscus is removed leading to OA of the knee. This, in turn, leads to corticosteroid injections, which weaken ligaments, and eventually total knee replacement.

We offer non-surgical solutions to tackle most knee injuries. 

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